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  • Government and Resources: St. Bernard Parish is governed by a Parish President (executive branch) and a Council(legislative branch)stbernard1 form of government. The President and Council each serve four year terms. The Council consists of seven councilmembers. Five of the seven councilmembers serve as district councilmembers and two serve at large representing the eastern and western parts of the parish. The Council has regular council meetings twice per month. 

    Parish President (504) 278-4227
    Council Members (504) 278-4217


dave_peralta"St. Bernard Parish Government employees take pride in serving our citizens as Public Service Professionals. We support the Code of Ethics of the American Society for Public Administration."

David E. Peralta
Parish President

Guy McInnis 5-4-12 Guy McInnis
Councilman at Large East

George Cavignac 5-4-12
George Cavignac
Councilman at Large West

Ray Lauga 5-4-12
Ray Lauga
Councilman District A

Nathan Gorbaty 5-4-12
Nathan Gorbaty
Councilman District B

Richie Lewis 5-4-12
Richard J. Lewis
Councilman District C

Casey Hunnicutt 5-4-12
Casey Hunnicutt
Councilman District D

Monty Montelongo 5-4-12
Manuel "Monty" Montelongo
Councilman District E

Notice of Public Meeting

Weekly Chlorine Verification - August 3rd, 2015.pdf
Weekly Chlorine Verification - August 8th, 2015.pdf
School Location Chlorine Readings - August 9th, 2015.pdf

Home Mortgage Authority Soft Second Program

The St. Bernard Parish Hazard Mitigation Plan Update is now available for public review and comment. To review, click on this link:

2015 St. Bernard Parish Hazard Mitigation Draft Plan

Residents of St. Bernard Parish can review and provide comments concerning the plan. These comments will be used in the development of the plan. It will be available for public review until September 4th, 2015. Please forward comments via email to: John Rahaim, OHSEP Deputy Director,