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Building Permits

The Office of Safety and Permits issues permits for both residential and commercial construction. It is our goal to provide all applicants with a prompt and thorough review of their proposed plans and to ensure that all work is initiated and completed in a safe and lawful manner. Please see the link below for the building permit application that is used for all construction projects:

Standard Building Permit Application

Because there are a variety of construction project types and different sets of regulations regarding each, Safety and Permits has taken the liberty of creating checklists to assist building permit applicants in submitting a complete application and thereby expediting the initiation and completion of their project. Please note that the information listed on our construction project-specific checklists must all be submitted along with the standard building permit application.

New Residential Construction Permit Checklist

Commercial Building Permit Checklist

Residential Renovation Building Permit Checklist

Residential Accessory Building Permit Checklist

Residential Addition Building Permit Checklist

Demolition and Slab Removal Checklist

Manufactured Home Building Permit Checklist

Structure Elevation Permit Checklist

Swimming Pool Permit Checklist

Mold Remediation Information

Landscaping Ordinance

Sign Ordinance

Sign Permit Application

Manufactured Home Permit Application