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By Dave Peralta

Last week by a vote of nearly 80%, you the citizens of St. Bernard, choose not to place an additional millage on your residence and/or business. As you know, I was not in favor of this increase in the ad volurum tax fearing that it would stifle the redevelopment of our community. We have all worked tirelessly to bring St. Bernard back and we have already accomplished much in a very short time.

Nonetheless, I feel as your Parish leader that this is NOT a time to gloat, rather it is a time for all the leaders in our community to roll up their sleeves and figure out how to make OUR hospital the very best. It is not about politics, or personalities; it's about bringing to our community the very best medical care possible. I believe that we have an excellent group of medical professionals working at our hospital and from this nucleus; we can build a state of the art facility.

Thus, I challenge the leaders of this community to NOW work as a untied team, void of politics, to produce within the fiscal limitations, a quality center of medical care and professionals. I know that as in the past, the seasoned fighters that we are, can and will accomplish this lofty task!

God Bless
Dave Peralta
Parish President