Presidents Current Report

 Parish President's Report (3/3/15)

 Good Evening Councilmen and Citizens of St. Bernard:

The Finance Department is in the process of securing new software that will enable them to produce our own "financials", which this Council has asked for on numerous occasions. This will also allow us to submit reports during the yearly audit that will not only make the audit much easier, but will also reduce the cost of the required audit.

The Recreation Department has reported that we have hosted several tournaments the past few weeks and the Soccer Program began last Tuesday. Once again, we have had record number of participants in this year's program.

The bid openings for the Lake Leary Project were opened last week with a low bid of $6.2 million dollars. These funds are secured through state and federal sources with no cost to St. Bernard Parish tax payers.

We have recently installed a new 6 inch drainage line at the site of the newly completed Val Riess Bike Path. We have been experiencing some minor flooding issues, but with the installation of the drainage pipe, that matter has now been rectified.

The property adjacent to the Old Jail in Arabi has now been secured, which will allow more access to the facility and correct a land dispute in favor of Parish Government.

The Notice of Award on repairs to Fire Station #12 will be completed on April 10th. The low bidder in the project is New Limits Enterprises at a rate of $464,320.

We are continuing to work with Nunez Community College on the PTECH Program. This year we were able to fund 100% of the cost for 23 students who are involved in the "fast track" curriculum which allows them to get their certification in only 16 weeks.

The Transit Department is in the process of ordering five new buses, which will facilitate the public transportation system throughout the community.

If you have any questions or concerns, my staff and I are available to assist you.

Thank You,

Dave Peralta
Parish President