Presidents Current Report

 Parish President's Report (8/19/14)

Good Evening Councilmen and Citizens of St. Bernard:

I am sure you have observed Parish work crews excavating sections of Jean Lafitte Parkway between W. Judge Perez Drive and the Forty Arpent Canal. It is obvious, after just the initial probes, that we have nearly a complete collapse of the drain lines which was a result of damage from Hurricane Katrina. Presently the Recovery Department is working with GIOSEP and FEMA to write the required versions of a Project Worksheet to cover the approximately 14 million dollars price tag. As we proceed with the project, I will keep you updated on a start date as well as an approximate completion date.

Over the past two weekends, members of the Road Department have been out supplementing normal grass cutting operations of both public and contractors. In two weekends the crews were able to cut nearly 80 pieces of property throughout the neighborhoods. I would ask that those of us who live in these neighborhoods, now that the properties are more manageable, help us by occasionally mowing the vacant properties. We ALL need to take pride in our community and pitch in to make our community clean and green. Many of the neighborhood organizations have already taken it upon themselves to pitch in. To those groups, I wish to publicly thank you for your help in this effort.

Registration for this year's football program was initiated on August 18th at Val Riess Park for our young athletics, and we anticipate a record number of participants for this season. We have also received the insurance money as a result of the fire at Vista Gym, which plans are now being made to fix the damage and convert the facility back into a multi-purpose facility for our Recreation Department.

The Finance Department is beginning to prepare the 2015 St. Bernard Parish Budget. Upon completion the budget will be forwarded to the Parish Council for its review and any adjustments that you wish to make.

The Water and Sewer Department will be shortly beginning the process of placing "door hangers" on those businesses and residences that are delinquent on payments. The "hangers" will announce that within the next twenty four hours the water at that location will be turned off and the meter will be removed. The Water Department will not turn the water back on until the bill is paid in full and a charge to reinstall the meter is paid. My thanks to Councilman Lewis who has been assisting us in establishing the procedure to ensure compliance with the regulations.

If you have any questions, myself or members of my staff are here this afternoon to assist you in any way possible.Should you have any questions we will be happy to address them.

Thank You,

Dave Peralta
Parish President