Presidents Current Report

 Parish President's Report (3/3/15)

 Good Evening Councilmen and Citizens of St. Bernard:

First, let me express my apologies for my absence tonight. However, a recent family situation has compelled me not be present for the next few days, and I will remain in contact with Mr. Michael Gorbaty, CAO, should I be needed.

I am also pleased to announce that through the hard work of Harold Rosselli and Dr. Debbie Fagan, St. Bernard has received two grants through the State of Louisiana. The first is a grant for $11,800 for a G.I.S. system and the second is for $82,637 to install additional lights at the Val Reiss Recreational Facility. My thanks to both of these individuals on a job well done.

The Road and Gravity Sewer work continues throughout the Parish. I know that some residents have expressed concern with the interruptions in traffic in specific neighborhoods, and I have asked the contractors to please limit these interruptions as much as possible. This work is necessary in repairing critical infrastructure throughout St. Bernard, and while I recognize that it is disruptive, it is imperative that these repairs be made before hurricane season begins.

John Rahaim, Homeland Security, attended the National Hurricane Conference held last week in Austin, Texas. Many new and innovative methods were discussed to prepare us for the upcoming hurricane season. While hurricane season is still several months away, it is never too soon to begin making preparations in the event we are placed in jeopardy by a tropical cyclone.

Bids openings will be performed this week for demolition of sites in the Old Village Square area. This is an important project that will enhance the appearance of our community and improve the quality of life we all seek.

We had a great meeting with several contractors interested in the Builder Bundle Program. This program will hopefully spawn new and continued growth of homes in areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. After the Builder Bundle Auction is held, I will be reporting to you on the number of vacant properties that were sold. We will also have a third auction of LLT lots in our community, which is a commitment I made to bring new development into our area and improve the lot sizes in many of subdivisions.

The Fire Department has begun the annual inspections of fire hydrants throughout the community. You may detect a slight discoloration in the water when the hydrants are opened, and I assure you that the water is safe and if you simply allow your water to run for a few minutes the discoloration will subside.

Should anyone need me for any matter within the next few days, please feel free to call my cell phone or office and I will be happy to return calls. Since I will be in a hospital setting with a family member, please afford me a few minutes to get to a location that I can utilize my phone.

Thank You,

Dave Peralta
Parish President