Presidents Current Report

 Parish President's Report (3/3/15)

 Good Evening Councilmen and Citizens of St. Bernard:

I am pleased to report the Lake Leary Project has received final approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Notice of Award and the Notice to Proceed has been issued and the date for completion of the restoration project will be November 1, 2015.

There are twenty-three (23) students graduating this semester in the Process Technology Fast Track Program at Nunez Community College. All tuition, fees and books were paid for by St. Bernard Parish Government, Community Development Block Grant Program. The total cost for each student was $7,851 for a total of $180,589 dollars for this semester. We anticipate job placement for 85% of the students who have successfully completed this program. There are funds available through CDBG for next semester and we will continue in our efforts to fund this program for many years to come.

Baseball has started this week with once again a record number of our young people registering at the various parks throughout the parish. We have been hosting weekly Jamborees for the last several weeks and have many more scheduled throughout the summer. These jamborees are essential to raising funds that support our Recreation Department and allow us to keep the cost down for our parents.

The National Weather Service will be hosting a seminar following this meeting that will assist us in begin recognized as a Weather Observer Community. This will allow our participating citizens to report weather related events to the National Weather Service. Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome to come to the Council Chambers for the presentation.

Finally, I am honored to report that St. Bernard Parish Government will be receiving a national award for the Val Riess Bike and Walking Trail. Mr. Gorbaty will be traveling to Washington DC to receive this award in the next few weeks. He will also use this opportunity to speak with members of our Congressional Delegation on matters of concern to St. Bernard. I would like to thank Craig DeHarde, Susan Klees and Deborah Fagan for all their hard work in making this project such a success. A special thanks goes out to Ms. Susan Klees who prepared the nomination application on behalf of St. Bernard Parish.Thank You,

Dave Peralta
Parish President