Presidents Current Report

 Parish President's Report (2/18/14)

Good Evening Councilmen and Citizens of St. Bernard:

The latest test results from the Toca Water tank have been reviewed by the Department of Health and Hospitals who reported that all samples taken proved to be fine. This was the last part of the water system to be tested with all reports indicating that our water supply is fine.

Mr. Ross Gonzales and the Finance Department began last month implementing a new reporting system for the non-profit government entities such as the Civic Center Corporation, St. Bernard Recreational Complex Incorporated and the Val Riess Concessions. This new system will allow us to monitor these departments in a more efficient manner, and allow for better planning and reporting.

The new baseball fields at Val Riess have already proven their worth. This last weekend we were one of the only fields in the area that was successful in maintaining a complete schedule for the tournaments. Officials from some of the other travel baseball organizations were extremely complimentary of the manner in how well the new turf fields worked during the inclement weather.

Ethics training has continued for all Government Employees, and on April 1st we will be holding a live seminar for all employees to complete the mandatory training for 2014.

I wish to offer my congratulations to two new members of our business community. This week we held a grand opening for P-Tech, an electronic store located on Paris Road and The St. Bernard Indoor Shooting Rang on Aycock Street. While at the range, dead eye Councilman Casey Hunnicutt demonstrated his proficiency with a firearm.

The annual Crawfish Festival will be held this week beginning on Thursday and running through Sunday night. In conjunction with the festival the HT Redfish Cup will also be this week with the launch location held at the Gulf Outlet Marina and the weight-in held on the grounds of the festival.

The Packenham/Jackson Avenue Project planning is nearly completed. Along with our partners at the Regional Planning Commission and the engineering firm, we expect to begin construction in early summer. The Submerged Roads project is also nearing the final stage of engineering and is slated to begin near the end of the summer. As the reports are received, I will update the council and citizens of our progress. Careful planning of both projects are being undertaken by the Recovery Department to minimize disruption of normal vehicular traffic in the affected areas.

If there are any questions, Judge Gorbaty, my staff and I will be happy to address any concerns.

Thank You,

Dave Peralta
Parish President