St. Bernard Parish’s Lot Next Door Plan accepting requests from citizens to prioritize properties
St. Bernard Parish’s Lot Next Door Plan accepting requests from citizens to prioritize properties


Updated April 30, 2012

St. Bernard Parish Lot Next Door program
Residents must complete applications and submit deposits

As of April 2012, more than 8,600 letters have been delivered and more than 2,200 residents have signed Purchase Agreements on LLT lots.

Global Risk Solutions, the contractor administering the purchase agreement process for St. Bernard Parish, is still requesting additional paperwork and deposits from eligible purchasers. Global Risk Solutions (GRS) has contacted many eligible purchasers to request documentation and deposits in order to process as many applications as possible.  

If you believe you are eligible for a side adjacent LLT lot on either side of your current property or a rear adjacent lot, but have not received an application packet, you may contact GRS at (504) 569-1905.

An updated list of available properties is posted on the St. Bernard Parish Government website at

The following information will be needed to complete an application: name, current mailing address, phone number email address. You must also include the street address of the Eligible Property that you currently own as well as the street address of the ADJECNT LLT LOT you are interested in purchasing. You must also let GRS know if you have a Homestead Exemption on this property.
List of Slab Demolitions (Updated 06/08/12) and for List of Owners Who Are Eligible for LND But Can Not Be Located

Properties Currently Available (XLS File)

Lot Next Door Program: Priority and Grouping of Sales (PDF File) 

Cooperative Endeavor Agreement for Civic Associations and HRQL Commission (PDF File)

St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta said the Lot Next Door program in St. Bernard will allow adjacent neighbors first-refusal rights for the purchase of adjacent Louisiana Land Trust properties.

When you call, you must give the address of the lot you are interested in purchasing. Also, you must give your name, mailing address and phone number. Parish government will request that these properties are prioritized and included in the early transfers. This program is NOT a first come, first serve program. Adjacent property owners will have first right of refusal.

The LRA approved the St. Bernard Parish plan for dispensing of Road Home properties. Like other parish officials, St. Bernard Parish officials have presented the LRA with St. Bernard's plan for utilizing the Road Home properties, including drainage, public entity use, creation of public recreation areas and "green space."

Right now the priority is focusing on lots of neighbors who want to buy the homes next door. Once the properties are cleared for disposition, the parish will mail information to the interested adjacent property owners. If they opt not to purchase the property, it will be bundled for potential redevelopment in different lot sizes.

Camp Dresser & McKee is overseeing slab removal and home demolition across the state for the Louisiana Land Trust. "LLT is moving forward quickly with the first phase of slab demolition and site restoration in St. Bernard Parish with this group of nearly 300 properties," said Bob Batherson, CDM Program Manager. "Following closely behind this initial contract will be the next phase of slab demolitions in St. Bernard Parish." Removing the slabs is a key step to kicking the Lot Next Door program into high gear and getting the properties to neighbors who want to improve the lots and reclaim their neighborhoods.

The St. Bernard Parish Department of Housing and Redevelopment or a closing agent will oversee the program with Global Risk Solutions acting as an intermediary for the parish on the Lot Next Door transfers.

The lots will be appraised and the owners of homestead exempt properties next to the LLT properties will have the first chance to purchase the properties. At that point, interested individuals should send their response to Global Risk Solutions, P.O. Box 1099, Chalmette, LA 70044 or call (504) 569-1095. Residents interested in purchasing a lot next door should expect a phone call from Global Risk and a letter, detailing what needs to be done to purchase the lot.

For more information about Global Risk Solutions, Inc., visit Address: Gulf Coast Bank Building, 1801 East Judge Perez Dr., 2nd Floor, Chalmette, LA 70043. PO Box 1099, Chalmette, LA 70044.