Chief Administrative Officer - Ronald J. Alonzo, Jr.

  1. Ronald Alonzo

    Ronald J. Alonzo, Jr.

    Chief Administrative Officer

  2. Physical Address
    8201 W Judge Perez Drive
    Chalmette, LA 70043

    Fax: 504-278-4493

A Message from the Chief Administrative Officer

Welcome to the new St. Bernard Parish Government website, the window to the operations of St. Bernard Parish Government. As a means to better communicate with the public, we have launched our new website to give users an easier and more informative way to navigate and access information about Parish services and events.  It’s our objective to provide the public with a clear path to access information, provide transparency, ensure accountability and provide a tool for public feedback.  I invite you to take a few minutes to explore the available resources on our site.

As Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), I am honored to work with Parish President, Guy McInnis, and the St. Bernard Parish Council.  The CAO is responsible for leading the administrative team and providing information to the Council on the fiscal, organizational, service goals and challenges of Parish Government. Together with a dedicated and talented staff of directors, managers and employees, our team is here to serve the community and provide public services with professionalism, progressive thinking, honesty and integrity. The office of the CAO is always working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services by working closely with and overseeing operations in Public Works, Finance, Community Development, Recreation, Human Resources and Fire.  The office of the CAO further oversees the operations of the following departments and offices: Complaints, Compliance, Grants, Housing & Redevelopment, Insurance, Risk Management, Transit, Animal Control, Tourism, Information Technology, and Alcohol Beverage and Bingo Permits.

St. Bernard Parish Government continually seeks out opportunities to improve the delivery of services. Public/Private partnerships and professional service contracts, such as municipal waste disposal, grass cutting and mosquito control services, have provided a means to more efficiently and effectively deliver public services. Our goal remains to improve and increase services to the citizens of St. Bernard Parish through organization and fiscal responsibility. 

We acknowledge that Parish employees play a significant role in our successes. Our focus on long-term employee retention and career development opportunities continues. We empower our team to be progressive thinkers combined with clear expectations. The St. Bernard Parish Government administrative staff stands ready with strong leadership, progressive thinking and engaged employees to provide quality and accessible services to our community. 



Ronald J. Alonzo, Jr.
Chief Administrative Officer

Duties & Responsibilities

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is charged with supervising all departments, offices, and agencies of SBPG, as well as managing a host of administrative functions internal to the Office of the CAO. The office also fields complaints from the public, engages in intergovernmental activities, and processes Alcohol, Beverage, and Bingo permits.