COVID-19 Updates


For the latest information on COVID-19 in the state of Louisiana, and in St. Bernard Parish check:

Emergency Declaration

Outdoor Restaurant Guidelines

Gov. Edwards Signs Order Moving Louisiana to Phase One on May 15 

OpenSafely from the Office of the State Fire Marshal

Latest Video Updates

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/28/20

President McInnis’ latest update addresses free COVID-19 testing sites and water bill issues.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/21/20

The NAACP is sponsoring free COVID-19 testing on Saturday, May 30th.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/19/20

After 45 daily COVID-19 video updates and the success of flattening the curve, President McInnis will now address residents twice a week. Look for his updates on Mondays and Thursdays.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/18/20

President McInnis updates St.Bernard on the current situation and looks forward to moving onto Phase 2. He also shares exciting news regarding the 40 Arpent observatory.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/15/20

Councilmemeber Wanda Alcon updates St. Bernard on projects in progress throughout the parish. She also gives useful information regarding recreational sports, water and sewer billing, as well as new rules for public access to government buildings.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/14/20

Richie Lewis leads today’s update by sharing information on which businesses will be opened and remained closed during Phase 1.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/13/20

Councilman Kerri Callais, updates residents on the opening of chamber meetings to the public and urges residents and businesses to be responsible with the new Phase 1 guidelines.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/12/20

President McInnis looks forward to progressing into Phase 1 and hopes baseball players can take to the field sooner rather than later.

VIDEO UPDATE #2 - 5/11/20

Governor John Bell Edwards has announced his plan for reopening our State, Phase 1. The initial Phase will begin this Friday, May 15th, and will include the following: 

Restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, hair and nail salons, barber shops, movie theaters, gyms and fitness centers will ALL be allowed to reopen for indoor table service but will be limited to 25% capacity. Tomorrow, the State Fire Marshall will be giving guidance on how to calculate the occupancy restrictions. 

Unfortunately, at this time, the following will remain CLOSED for business, until further notice: 
  • Bars/lounges 
  • Massage therapists 
  • Tattoo parlors/artists 
  • Amusement parks/playgrounds

As part of Region 1 , President Guy McInnis continues to work closely with Plaquemines, Jefferson and Orleans Parishes, to facilitate moving forward in a most responsible, measured manner.

VIDEO UPDATE #1 - 5/11/20

President McInnis presents the latest numbers in the fight against COVID and anticipates the Governor’s press conference at 2:30pm today.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/08/20

President McInnis updates citizens on the current numbers expecting to go into Phase 1 after the weekend. President McInnis also highlights Mother’s day and encourages families to enjoy the beautiful weather.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/07/20

President McInnis explains dining at restaurants, gives thanks to workers on the front line of COVID-19, shares his experience in the air, and updates the parish on St. Bernard’s fight for the right to protect the coast.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/06/20

President McInnis prepares to take flight and gives thanks to all of the Nurses, First Responders, and Teachers on National Nurse Day.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/05/20

President McInnis updates residents on the new COVID-19 numbers and urges residents to refrain from littering when enjoying the Parish’s parks. He also reminds everyone to fill out the 2020 Census.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/04/20

President McInnis discusses the restaurant openings over the weekend and the cooperation from the local businesses.

VIDEO UPDATE - 5/01/20

President Mcinnis highlights restaurants adhering to the new guidelines and commends first responders for their herculean effort.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/30/20

President McInnis discusses the possibility of mobile testing sites in St. Bernard Parish and the mask distribution happening on Friday, May 1.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/29/20

President McInnis shares the guidelines mandated by the State Fire Marshal for businesses to open up outdoor seating to customers. These guidelines must be followed in order to see progress in the battle against COVID-19.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/27/20

Parish Coroner, Dr. Fernandez and Economic Development Foundation Executive Director, Meghan McCormack join President McInnis with messages for the residents of St. Bernard Parish.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/23/20

President McInnis updates residents on the Parish hospital COVID statistics as well as plans on opening up the Parish.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/22/20

President McInnis updates St. Bernard Parish during the COVID-19 saga.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/21/20

President McInnis discusses the phases of opening up businesses and parish government.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/20/20

President Mcinnis updates citizens on the possibility of entering a new phase in social distancing.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/17/20

President McInnis updates residents on the state of COVID-19 in St. Bernard Parish.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/16/20

President McInnis gives St.Bernard citizens an update on the COVID-19 saga.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/15/20

President McInnis and Councilman-at-Large, Richie Lewis provide positive messages during this time of uncertainty.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/14/20

President McInnis emphasizes the importance of not easing up on the CDC’s national guidelines as we continue to fight COVID-19 as a community and nation.

VIDEO UPDATE - 4/13/20

President McInnis updates resdients on the ongoing Coronavirus saga.


President McInnis updates St. Bernard on the statistics of the virus and shares helpful information regarding unemployment.


President McInnis, Nunez Chancellor, Tina Tinney, and Councilman-at-Large, Richie Lewis, provide pertinent information regarding the Coronavirus.


President McInnis updates St. Bernard residents.


President McInnis issues an executive order to businesses of St. Bernard Parish.


President McInnis updates St. Bernard Parish during the COVID-19 pandemic.


President McInnis updates residents on the state of the coronavirus.

VIDEO UPDATE - 3/30/20

President McInnis updates residents.

VIDEO UPDATE - 3/27/20

President McInnis updates residents on the Coronavirus.

VIDEO UPDATE - 3/26/20

President McInnis addresses the citizens of St. Bernard Parish.

VIDEO UPDATE - 3/25/20

Kerri Calais updates St. Bernard Parish.

VIDEO UPDATE - 3/24/20

President McInnis, Council Member, Wanda Alcon, and Coroner, Greg Fernandez, updated the Parish on the state of the coronavirus.


President McInnis urges residents to stay home and follow the mandate. The sooner we flatten the curve the sooner we get back to a normal way of life. This can only be done with everyone’s cooperation.


Councilman at Large, Richie Lewis, sends a message to the residents of St. Bernard.


President McInnis updates residents on the Coronavirus.

Video Update - 3/20/20 PM

President McInnis updates residents on the development of the Coronavirus.

Video Update - 3/20/20 AM

President McInnis updates residents on the development of the Coronavirus in St. Bernard.

Video Update - 3/19/20 PM

President McInnis and Parish Assessor Jaylynn Bergeron Turner give updates on the evolving Coronavirus as it affect businesses and public areas in the Parish.

Video Update - 3/19/20 AM

President McInnis updates residents on the development of the Coronavirus pandemic.